Our Studio

Radio Kabulistan is a platform for dialogue and fact-finding providing reliable information, cultural, recreational and social programs.

Our studio is mainly suitable for small community radio station – We are hoping to develop our studio further to accommodate more people and facilities, including live TV on variety of video streaming platforms.

Currently we only have space and cover liability for our volunteers that are registered with us – anyone interested to join our studio and produce show, they should contact us and we will make appropriate arrangements.

We are continuously looking for suitable long term space for our studio – if you have any facility and would like to share it with us please get in touch and we will discuss it further.


The radio studio is available for hire to members via the membership scheme, non-profit organisations and students (College and Universities) for free or at a low cost.

One of our technical team members has to be available to set up all the equipment, test it and guide you through the process, or if there is a technical problem that needs to be solved.

Students can hire the studio for assignments, or projects. Depending on the assignment/project budget we can discuss a suitable price.
Students are also able to do their work experience with us and will be able to use the studio for free.

Members of Kabulistan can hire the studio for free via their membership scheme.

Non-profit organisations can hire the studio at affordable rates.